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The beginner to expert credit card guide video for 2021. **Open Me for Presentation, Free Gifts, & Video Outline Time Table**
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Video Outline
0:00 Introduction
2:00 The Ultimate Credit Card Guide
2:20 Who Am I? Why You should listen to me
4:14 Free Gifts & Resources
5:46 Video Outline
7:53 The Benefits Of Credit Cards
17:35 Credit Card Cheat Sheet
20:00 The DO NOT’s Of CC
23:29 Getting Started
24:23 Debit vs Credit
25:30 Credit Explained For Beginners
27:54 Good credit vs bad credit
28:20 Credit Score Interest Rates
29:00 The 3 Credit Bureaus
29:53 How To Build Credit
30:48 What Makes Up Your Credit Score?
32:28 How To Raise Your Credit FAST?
33:25 How Do We MAKE MONEY From CC?
35:54 Which Cards To Start With FIRST?
38:30 Chase vs Amex
42:00 Mid-Tier Cards (Card art for Marriott Bonvoy Business is not the same as shown in vid)
43:28 God- Tier Cards
45:12 Business Tier Cards
46:00 Recon Line & Pandemic Approval Rates
49:00 Unlocking Your cards full potential
53:00 Point Redemption
58:35 My Current PF Setup
1:00:00 Final Notes

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Michael Schlammerl
Michael Schlammerl 16 kun oldin
Been detailing my truck for a couple hours now and had to leave a comment on this one because the goat Brian 🐐 is spitting 🔥 through my ear plugs... If your like me and read the comments please listen to Brian's knowledge on the credit card game. I've come from the low 500s to now being so close to 800. Large part is just following his steps. I literally don't even carry my debit card on me no more because all I need is 2 credit cards. Always an amex and a Visa in case the store rejects amex for the charge. And I rotate my cards according to point benefits, literally book flights now with them not even using money. I've come a long way and there allot of UZpost credit guys and girls that give advice but Brian's videos just register better. Don't know him but feel a sense of respect 👏 for the info he's given me. Take the advice and trust me credit cards are way safer and yes,there is a flex when you bust out that gold card and people feel that weight! Great video
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 16 kun oldin
Thank you man this means a lot to me. Much love bro 🤟
Clack 2 soat oldin
ball baby!!
Zachary Raper
Zachary Raper 6 soat oldin
Ball! Great video. Would love to see best multi card multi tier setup variations too
Kristi Hughes
Kristi Hughes 10 soat oldin
Ball. Love this.
Jade Falls
Jade Falls 11 soat oldin
Meritless Memes
Meritless Memes Kun oldin
please don’t get a credit card for the clout.
Mel odys
Mel odys Kun oldin
Thank you! Ball 🎾
Will Pines
Will Pines Kun oldin
Will Pines
Will Pines 2 kun oldin
What about the discover it credit card? I heard a lot of good things about it
Tony James
Tony James 2 kun oldin
Thank you, great content (BALLS)
A 1
A 1 2 kun oldin
Bro I look at this video and said ... is that f******* Brian!?! Blessings brother you’re giving out gems! -Myanthony
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 2 kun oldin
Hahaha yooo my BOY 🙏
Luís Márquez Jr.
Luís Márquez Jr. 2 kun oldin
Your really put the BALL in our court, with this EPIC Breakdown of Credit Cards for newbies!! WOW WOW WOW!!! Absolutely tons of value and super pumped to join that Rose Gold AMEX Club. Thanks B for another great video. Respect.
Anthony Henry
Anthony Henry 2 kun oldin
MGH Rabbits
MGH Rabbits 3 kun oldin
I’m 19 years old and have a credit score of 659 from student loans. Should I try to apply for an unsecured card or should I go for a secured card to try to get to a 700 score first?
Venturesome Tarzan
Venturesome Tarzan 3 kun oldin
This video was sick man! So in depth and helpful! Ball
Beast Little
Beast Little 3 kun oldin
Am going to watch most of your vids or all. Thank you for real 🙏🏾
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 4 kun oldin
Thanks so much for the valuable information! You Rock! 😃
Rudz Guer
Rudz Guer 4 kun oldin
Dave Powell
Dave Powell 4 kun oldin
Dave Powell
Dave Powell 4 kun oldin
Hey Brian! I got to admit, my credit is awful. But I'm listening to you, because I want to turn it around. You have been quite helpful, since I want to bake cookies for a living as a "retirement" job (in about 5 years). Thanks!!! Sincerely, Dave
Geneva Castillo
Geneva Castillo 4 kun oldin
Ivana Costa
Ivana Costa 4 kun oldin
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 4 kun oldin
Lydia Maine
Lydia Maine 5 kun oldin
Ball lol
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 5 kun oldin
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•7•0•3•7•3•7•9•5•4 I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D •E•T•H...
Aldeo Caloban
Aldeo Caloban 5 kun oldin
This is a wonderful and possible financial freedom...... thanks for the opportunity and information. More power
Naveen Bommakanti
Naveen Bommakanti 5 kun oldin
305element 6 kun oldin
Ghost-11- 6 kun oldin
Nolann Grant
Nolann Grant 6 kun oldin
christian hernandez
christian hernandez 6 kun oldin
BALL!!! Amazing job 💪🏼 Thank you
shaliga Suksomsong
shaliga Suksomsong 6 kun oldin
shaliga Suksomsong
shaliga Suksomsong 6 kun oldin
You’re the best , Brian for President!!! You’ve helped me so much thank you
shaliga Suksomsong
shaliga Suksomsong 5 kun oldin
@Brian Jung - is this you?
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 5 kun oldin
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•7•0•3•7•3•7•9•5•4 I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D •E•T•H...
shaliga Suksomsong
shaliga Suksomsong 6 kun oldin
Ball! By the way 😅
Kelvis Torres
Kelvis Torres 7 kun oldin
Thank you!!! ***Ball***
Tiffany Chambers
Tiffany Chambers 7 kun oldin
Ball 🏀
Bitcoin Trading Challenge
Bitcoin Trading Challenge 7 kun oldin
Okay 1{5•7•5} 3•9•5 7•9•0•9
konjit taddesse
konjit taddesse 7 kun oldin
Ball 👋
Bitcoin Trading Challenge
Bitcoin Trading Challenge 7 kun oldin
Okay 1{5•7•5} 3•9•5 7•9•0•9
Webster Jackson
Webster Jackson 7 kun oldin
Bitcoin Trading Challenge
Bitcoin Trading Challenge 7 kun oldin
Okay 1{5•7•5} 3•9•5 7•9•0•9
pikaboodaisy 7 kun oldin
Bitcoin Trading Challenge
Bitcoin Trading Challenge 7 kun oldin
Okay 1{5•7•5} 3•9•5 7•9•0•9
Chuck Piper
Chuck Piper 7 kun oldin
nick villela
nick villela 8 kun oldin
BALLer life! I love your content ! Ball
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 5 kun oldin
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•7•0•3•7•3•7•9•5•4 I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D •E•T•H...
Haven Kukkee
Haven Kukkee 8 kun oldin
Tracy Nguyen
Tracy Nguyen 8 kun oldin
Thanks so much Ball
Bitcoin Trading Challenge
Bitcoin Trading Challenge 7 kun oldin
Okay 1{5•7•5} 3•9•5 7•9•0•9
Darnell Jacobs
Darnell Jacobs 8 kun oldin
Enjoyed the video. Ball
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 5 kun oldin
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•7•0•3•7•3•7•9•5•4 I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D •E•T•H...
GraphyteTV 8 kun oldin
23:45 What pack of gum is $10!? Have I been chewing poverty gum my whole life? 😩😩😩
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 5 kun oldin
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P +•1•7•7•0•3•7•3•7•9•5•4 I•n•v•e•s•t•inC•r•y•p••t•o B•T•CA•N•D •E•T•H...
King KLV
King KLV 8 kun oldin
So I need a credit score of 700 to try to apply for the Freedom Flex card?
Bitcoin Trading Challenge
Bitcoin Trading Challenge 7 kun oldin
Okay 1{5•7•5} 3•9•5 7•9•0•9
RODGER BRADY 9 kun oldin
This is an awesome video and very educational. Thank You Brian Jung (Ball)
tom ufkes
tom ufkes 9 kun oldin
Bryan Thornhill
Bryan Thornhill 9 kun oldin
Can someone please tell me if I get the Chase Bonvoy card if those bonus points are ultimate rewards points or Bonvoy points and if they can be transferred to my Chase reserve?
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz 10 kun oldin
What cards are best for points
oconel10dark 11 kun oldin
this is the best guide video on how credit cards work, this video made my day, it is the best informative video I have seen for a long time, thank you very much super great video
Holy Reviews
Holy Reviews 11 kun oldin
Jose Nava
Jose Nava 12 kun oldin
Amazing, this is great man.
Juan Camilo Acevedo
Juan Camilo Acevedo 12 kun oldin
Tamira Johnelle
Tamira Johnelle 12 kun oldin
I’m going to applaud this video once I get my credit card in the mail. I’ll use your links to sign up. I definitely want you to get credit. I don’t want to use debit now. This video was awesome! Thank you!
Tamira Johnelle
Tamira Johnelle 12 kun oldin
I Don’t appreciate you trying to joke me about my Wells Fargo debit card. Lol🤣🤣🤣 I gotta step it way up lol
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 12 kun oldin
James Views
James Views 12 kun oldin
Ball!!! Loved this video Brian!!!
R Medrano
R Medrano 12 kun oldin
Ramona El Gendi
Ramona El Gendi 12 kun oldin
cartire801 12 kun oldin
Shelbi Lowe
Shelbi Lowe 13 kun oldin
Ball. This was legit!
blkbeauti05 13 kun oldin
B' I sent the money. Thank you in advance😂
A Nicole
A Nicole 13 kun oldin
I applied and got denied for american express biz plus card and they said it had to do with the credit score ( above 700) and utilization. Should I wait for a while to apply for the cash card because I'm needing a business card asap? Thank you!
Humberto Encinas
Humberto Encinas 13 kun oldin
Wow thank you so much for this Brian
Byron Moore
Byron Moore 13 kun oldin
Brian does it on a whole 'nother level, keep up the good work!!
Patrick D
Patrick D 14 kun oldin
Ball. Nice video. Just learning about credit. Have a secure credit card right now. I let everything go for a long time. I had no credit at all. Now after only 2 credit card payments I have a FICO score. I didn't have one for a long time. I have a question. How fast can I get that to like 750 and up the quickest way possible ? Thanks to anyone that can give me an answer.
Clearhas 14 kun oldin
Nice awesome video. Balls deep. Very in depth.
Diarra McDonald
Diarra McDonald 14 kun oldin
This was a great video, very detailed info!! Just got approved for my first AMEX...ditching the debit card....Thanks Brian!!
Josh Dawson - Primal Commerce
Josh Dawson - Primal Commerce 14 kun oldin
David Wilson
David Wilson 14 kun oldin
Rose Gomez
Rose Gomez 14 kun oldin
Hello Brian. You are VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Helping people and educating everyone in making it easy to apply and understand the simple process. You’re AMAZING!!!
Duane Hamilton
Duane Hamilton 14 kun oldin
BrooX WithanEX
BrooX WithanEX 14 kun oldin
Please do more!! Such helpful information, I had a BALL 😂😌
Wayne Henry
Wayne Henry 14 kun oldin
Ball! Where's the link to the business credit card guide?
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 14 kun oldin
Here ya go!
Legal Reefer
Legal Reefer 14 kun oldin
Should I still not close credit cards I don’t use anymore if they have an annual fee?
Barrie Nimitz
Barrie Nimitz 2 kun oldin
Question: is this card the first/earliest card you ever had? If your credit history goes back 10 years, but this dormant card only goes back 2 -3 years, go ahead close account to save annual fee. If this is a $0 annual fee card, just put it in your safe deposit box, let the issuer close it at expiry due to non-use, because it will not effect your credit score as much as it would if you gave them orders to close account. Even when account is closed, history will stay on credit report for another 7 years, so it will still help your score for a few years.
Mike Pearson
Mike Pearson 14 kun oldin
Balls...Great video!
John Robbart III
John Robbart III 14 kun oldin
Ball. Solid video!!!!
aalexissdr 14 kun oldin
I got my first credit card cash rewards bank oaf for 1200 is that good ?
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson 14 kun oldin
Brian thanks for the info!!! Tons of great info. Ball!!!
Layer7Apparel 14 kun oldin
how do you keep your inquiries low?
Shawn Boese
Shawn Boese 15 kun oldin
Ball this was very informative
MR. ssj3
MR. ssj3 15 kun oldin
can you apply for both freedom cards at the same time and get the welcome bonus on both?
Dionisio Jimenez
Dionisio Jimenez 15 kun oldin
Daron Strohecker
Daron Strohecker 15 kun oldin
Ball! Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks, great video!! Thanks!
Ronald Brutus
Ronald Brutus 15 kun oldin
Diana Freel
Diana Freel 15 kun oldin
Brian the link for your top 10 cards does not work
Kenric Thomas
Kenric Thomas 15 kun oldin
Had a ball. Thanks.
Shadownian 15 kun oldin
This may be a dumb question but if anyone can answer I'd appreciate it. If u want to show usage of your cc...but you pay your balance each month..doesn't the cc report it as the same as a card you don't use?
Thareal MCM
Thareal MCM 15 kun oldin
Amazing video! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! 🧠 💡 💳 💴
Michael McClendon
Michael McClendon 15 kun oldin
SempShan06 15 kun oldin
Will apply these tips to help my people. BALL
Quentin Taylor
Quentin Taylor 15 kun oldin
Superful helpful man. Thank you so much for sharing this information.
steven jay
steven jay 16 kun oldin
Mike Goodwin
Mike Goodwin 16 kun oldin
You're really on the ball with this. Tons of good information here. Lots of it I've seen before, but a great review and it's nice to have it all in one place rather than scattered out over lots of different videos.
Shiv Maverick
Shiv Maverick 16 kun oldin
Lynette Mendoza
Lynette Mendoza 16 kun oldin
TonyNoCeilings 16 kun oldin
Thanks for all the great info! May your channel continue to grow an reach much more people!
John Herrera
John Herrera 16 kun oldin
BALL! This was crazy thorough and incredibly appreciated. I’ve been trying to get past those starter/beginner cards and this really helped me plan out a road map to God Tier. TY!
Michael Schetz
Michael Schetz 16 kun oldin
Michael Ceglia
Michael Ceglia 16 kun oldin
Great refresher. BALL!
Aaron Proujansky
Aaron Proujansky 16 kun oldin
Awesome content, thanks!
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